Exit Wounds

by Bad Move

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released October 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Bad Move Lewiston, Maine

Dirty Lewiston HxC

Vocals: Ellis
Guitar//Secondary vocals: Noah
Drums: Trevor
Production// engineering: Trevor
Bass : David

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Track Name: S. F. F. P.
Agressive by nature
Huge hoards of filthy fuvking agitators
No face no case
No body no trace
Stay in your place
Know your surroundings when you give those eyes
Next person to look at me fucking dies
shit eating grin takes ten to the chin
Stabdard protocol we swing to win

The bigger the snitch
The deeper the ditch
You'll learn to behave
When your put in your grave

Swing first
Follow protocol
Swing first
Follow protocol
Track Name: Christ On A Cross
Make it count
no garuntees
You wont be saved on your fucking knees
Your a sinner like all of us
You drink
You fight
And you fucking cuss
Perfect person to be put down
All you do is run your fucking mouth
Youd stop progression
At all costs
If it interfiers with your precious cross
And i dont agree
With your hymes
And i dont believe in that shit
Your way of life is dying off
When we realized your dead wrong
Hung from a cross
Id rather live in fucking fear
Than live on my knees for fucking fear
Keep on living your pathetic lie
We all know theres nothing after you die

Do unto others as they done unto you unless it goes against what the bible wants you to do
Track Name: Choke
Track Name: Isolation
Everyone is fucking dead to me

I hate when the seasons change
Meloncholy crushes over me like tidal waves
Starved of real human interaction
But force fed anxiety while my life collapses

dont wanna do this
Fuck I dont wanna do this
shit keeps piling up and i cant push through it
dont wanna do this
I dont wanna do this
punching below my weight and ive been rendered useless

can't cope with this feeling of isolation
Its building and its starting to try my patiences
Cinfined to my fucking house
Swallow the key cause im never fucking getting out

The manic state has faded away
Now i just stay inside and let days go to waist
Entombed and "enfuckingraged"
Just a matter of seconds before i blow my face
Track Name: Suicide Note
I've been fucking miserable if you couldn't tell
I've been trying to find reasons not to hang myself
And I've been justifying every fucking thing I've done on my vices and who I once was


And every awful thing you did and said has been perminatly embedded in my fucking head
And no one sees how hard I'm fucking trying my best
between suicidal and shaking hands with death again
I'm a scum bag and I know it
I care for every one but can't show it
And it's impossible to love anybody else
When you're incapable of loving yourself

Put me down
Track Name: Objects In Motion
 fucking hate getting sober over and over
atrempts to better myself have reached their fucking closer
No one in this house gives a single fuck
Pouring poison directly into their guts
Ive lost any amount of trust in myself
disconnect completly from my mental health
the road to hell doesnt care how the intentions are paved
The destination will always remain the same


I lick my wounds like a stupid fucking dog
It doesnt help but i dont know how to stop
Track Name: Vulnerability
I cannot allow myself to be vulnerable

Mentally marked for the rest of my life
Validating insecurties I'm trying so to hide
Desperarly trying to make connection
But pushing everyone away for my own protection

people i love start to keel over and die
While the others slowly commit suicide
Getting stabbed in the back
Being abused and attacked
I suffer in silence behind a plastic mask
Im too damn scared to get too close
Never been to fond of what i dont know
How hard i try
Or How far i go
Grief will always find me just to break my hope
Track Name: Penance
And hiding
I want a fair chance at living my life
The price gets
Harder over time
And broken
I wish i knew how to find myself
And hopeless
This penance is fucking hell

Fuck this shit, count me out ,
id have better luck with a gun in my mouth
Track Name: Witch
Your skin is paper thin
And i know exactly where to cut it
Your blood tells the truth you never mustered the strength to do
I'll sew your eyes shut
Ill bind your hands
Ill tape your mouth and never let you fucking speak again
Were not friends and thats been made fucking clear
I want these to be the last words you ever hear

Youre a liar and a filthy fucking thief i regret ever letting you get close to me
Mental abuse ,ive been constricting your noose , your true colors start to bleed right fucking through you
Grinding my teeth ,on the edge of my seat, old memories coming back just to fucking haunt me
Peal off your mask, show me who you  are , everything has been a big fucking lie so far
I have my reasons and you have yours
But mine arent the kind that get you burried under basement floors
Lately all i fucking see is the color red , fantasizing crushing blows to the back of your head
Track Name: Exit Wounds
I cant stand this feeling anymore
 waking up has become a fucking chore
And i cant blame anybody else for the bed of nails made myself in hell
Exit wounds

My future soon to be erased
With a bullet to the bottom of my face
Nothing beneith these sunken cheeks
Just a shell of who i used to be
most nights i sleep on the floor
I dont remember what a bed feels like anymore
Now adays dont even care
So much damage ive done that i cant repair
Im so beside myself with my destructive behaviour
Know that I need help but dont want a saviour
Too fucking proud to ask for help
Or too embarresed to actually seek it out

All i feel is my lifeless carcase dead on the carpet
in pools of blood and my vomit
Ive become my own target

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